The whole world is under lockdown due to COVID-19, and everyone is free and getting bored. You can do all the pending works that you were procrastinating from the last few months. It is the perfect time to clean your house, for which you were not getting time. It is a perfect opportunity for you to unlock the interior designer in you. As coronavirus Pandemic affect Interior Design, you can do a little makeover to your home just by watching the videos available online by various interior designers. From decorating and designing your living room to bedroom, you can design every corner of your house with the creativity hidden in you.

  • Reorganize for a changed look: You can reorganize the cupboards, beds, dining table, sofas, etc., and try to provide the new look to your house. The new outlay will soothe your eyes, as you may already be bored with the furniture organized in the same way. Trying the new outlay may provide you with some extra space, which can be utilized in some other manner. It may prove more efficient than the present layout.
  • Arrange and clean out: Make your home welcoming by cleaning out the mess that kept on adding from the last 4-5 months. Clean your wardrobe and takeout the things that you don’t need and make your wardrobe tidy. And then clean every corner of the room. You can add labels to the supplies stocked in the kitchen, which can prove to be helpful in the future. Arranging and cleaning out every section of the room will unearth several items that may not be useful to you and were just occupying space. While cleaning out, keep the things that you need and give away or recycle the other things that you don’t need. You can wash the curtains if you haven’t washed them for long.
  • Place indoor plants at the extra space: Plants spread happiness and positivity and help in purifying the air around you. Place potted plants at the entrance or at the vacant space to add beauty to your house. The greenery within the house will boost your mood, energy, and keep your mind relaxed. Indoor plants will add the artistic touch to your home.
  • Check the room for improvement and maintenance: Look around the rooms and check if there is any room for improvement or maintenance required. You can add some paintings on the walls. Try to improve the ventilation in your home and enhance the lighting by making it cozier and warmer. Try to add LED bulbs which will provide more light and reduce your electricity bill. Clean the small appliances in the kitchen and moisturize the wooden cutting boards.

All the above-mentioned small changes will upgrade the ambiance in your home and won’t cost you anything in terms of money. As the coronavirus impacts interior designers and they will not be able to visit your home due to social distancing, so you can change the ambiance of your home yourself.

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